Airports stress some of us out because we never know how long the lines will be when we're on our way there. Not all airport lines are the same, however. There are some airports where you're almost guaranteed a lengthy wait. Here's a look at the U.S. airports with the longest lines, according to the wait-tracking app MiFlight and Thrillist.

Los Angeles International

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Topping the list of airports with the longest lines in the U.S. is Los Angeles International, with an average wait time of 40 minutes. If you are sitting at home watching a movie, 40 minutes might not seem like a lot. Just imagine standing in a line, though. That's pretty excruciating. Still, it's nothing compared to the longest wait time ever recorded at LAX, a whopping 141 minutes.


LaGuardia barely cracks the list of the 20 busiest airports in the country, so it might comes as a surprise to hear how long the lines are. Passengers tend to wait around 35 minutes to get through security. If you are traveling through LaGuardia, you can go to the airport's website and see a real-time update of the wait time you can expect when you arrive.

Chicago O'Hare

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I have personally been through this airport several times on stopovers between the U.S. and Italy, and every time I dread it. Not only is it a huge airport that is tricky to navigate, but oftentimes the security lines stretch for miles. That's only a slight exaggeration. According to Thrillist, the average wait here is 25 minutes, with the longest wait time being 119 minutes.

Miami International

Like other international airports, Miami International has been known to have some long lines, especially around the holiday season. The average time spent standing in line is 24 minutes. What's worse? Miami International holds the dubious honor of having the second-longest wait time on record: 216 minutes.

John F. Kennedy International

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If you thought 216 minutes was long, just wait until you hear the longest wait time ever recorded at John F. Kennedy International. The New York airport boasts the longest wait time ever recorded by the MiFlight app: 232 minutes. That's longer than many domestic flights! The average wait time is around 21 minutes.

Dallas Fort Worth

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the lines. The average time spent waiting in security lines at Dallas Fort Worth is 20 minutes, with the longest time ever measured being 108 minutes. According to iFly, the busiest times here are in the morning, especially in Terminal E, so avoid those if you can.

Washington Dulles

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The average wait time at Washington Dulles International Airport is a "measly" 15 minutes, which is nothing compared to some of the other airports on this list. The longest wait time ever was an hour and a half, however.