The headphones you packed for your trip are wireless. The seatback screen on the plane requires a wire. See the problem?

Enter Twelve South's AirFly, an ingenious little device that plugs into the headphone jack on your in-flight entertainment screen (or anything else that accepts a standard pair of headphones), and then broadcasts the audio over Bluetooth to any pair of wireless headphones. Its built-in battery runs for up to eight hours on a charge--long enough to get you over the Atlantic--and it's easy to keep powered up with any microUSB charger too. Now you can finally get around to watching Dark Phoenix at 40,000 feet, even if you only packed a pair of AirPods.

The AirFly normally costs $45, but it just got marked down to an all-time low $27 on Amazon, matching Black Friday.

Twelve South AirFly | $27 | Normally $45

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