Preparing for your next big trip can be stressful, especially with the size constraints of a carry-on bag. To help make your packing process quick and easy, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite travel items for your carry-on. These are five essentials for your carry-on bag that you can pick up on Amazon right now.

A Powerful Portable Charger

It’s happened to every traveler — you’re low on phone battery, you get to a busy gate for the next flight and all of the outlets are taken. Or, that tiny connecting plane has no outlets at all. A compact, portable charger solves all of these charging issues. While there are many of these products available, one of our favorites is the Jackery Giant+ portable charger available for $30. This charger is smaller than the average mobile phone but can charge an iPhone 8 five times, or a Galaxy S8 three times. It also includes dual outputs to charge two devices at once at full speed. An excellent device for emergencies, the Jackery Giant + has a built-in flashlight and features safety controls like short circuit protection, temperature resistance and overvoltage protection.

As with any lithium battery, airlines ask that you keep this device in your carry-on luggage only and do not place it in your checked bags.

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Leak-Proof Bottles for Peace of Mind

While it’s usually easier to take liquids in a checked bag, sometimes you can’t avoid bringing them in a carry-on. The current guideline for liquids is one quart-size bag of liquids per passenger, separated into bottles that do not exceed 3.4 ounces. Even if you are able to follow these rules easily, it’s somewhat daunting to put those liquid bottles in the same carry-on bag as your expensive electronics. Thankfully, TravelSnugs is here to resolve your fears of traveling with liquids with their LiquiSnugs leak-proof travel bottles. This TSA-approved set comes with two 3-ounce bottles and one 2-ounce bottle made with BPA-free, food grade silicone for under $14. With hundreds of happy customers, including pilots and flight attendants, you’ll feel at ease while using LiquiSnugs.

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A Soothing Face Mist

The air in a plane cabin is typically very dry — some travelers even wear face masks during flights to remedy this. If an attention drawing face mask isn’t your ideal solution to dryness, maybe this soothing, spring water face mist from Avene will do the trick. Avene, a French skincare company, helps clients with a variety of skin issues. This face mist soothes and softens skin while providing some much-needed antioxidants after being in recycled cabin air for an extended amount of time. Great for skin relief or a refreshing mood booster, this compact 1.6-ounce bottle is well worth the $9 cost.

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A New Take on the Travel Pillow

We’ve all tried travel pillows, especially during long flights while we’re trying to rest up for the next adventure. If the standard U-shaped travel pillow doesn’t give you enough comfort or support, try the Trtl Pillow instead. This unique pillow contains a supportive brace hidden inside of a comfortable, padded scarf. The brace reaches higher up the neck than most travel pillows, providing more head and neck support while still being lightweight, machine washable and foldable. For just under $30, the Trtl Pillow price is comparable to most travel pillow prices and thousands of customers will agree that it has had a positive impact on their travel experiences.

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Comfortable Compression Socks

Very long flights can be painful, even for the fittest travelers, due to small, confined seats and lack of movement. For under $20, these patented compression socks, called Travelsox, can help eliminate leg pain by increasing circulation, giving your legs and feet some relief in your seated position. Healthline, along with other health publications, recommends wearing compression socks during flights to combat decreased blood flow due to cramped seating, prolonged inactivity and dry cabin air. Available in all sizes and many colors and patterns, Travelsox can easily be rolled up into your carry-on bag for easy access during travel.

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