$30 would be a good price for any 20,000mAh battery pack, which can recharge most phones about five times. But it's a frankly ludicrous price for a 20,000mAh battery pack with the features RAVPower included in this one.

You get two standard USB charging ports, one of which supports Quick Charge for compatible Android phones. You also get an 18 watt USB-C port that can fast charge a phone, power a tablet, or even keep your laptop alive in a pinch. That port doubles as an 18W input port, so you can recharge the battery itself quickly. And oh yeah, there are also microUSB and Apple Lightning inputs too, so basically any charging cable you have lying around will work to recharge the battery pack. That's basically unheard of in the battery pack market.

It's a great gift idea for any travelers on your shopping list, and you can get it for $30 by first clipping the $10 coupon on the product page, and then by adding promo code 3ILGNO96 at checkout.

RAVPower 20,000mAh USB-C Battery Pack With Tri-Input | $30 | Normally $50 | Clip the $10 coupon and use promo code 3ILGNO96 at checkout.

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