Allbirds' Runner-ups Perfect the Uniform Shoe

Allbirds' Runner-ups Perfect the Uniform Shoe

BY Shane Roberts ON

Since Allbirds launched their merino Runners several years ago, the brand has become synonymous with travel, the frontrunner in the direct-to-consumer shoe space, and a status symbol on par with AirPods and Away luggage. Their Runner-ups (Men/Women) are the best shoe the brand has made: more versatile and now rain-ready without sacrificing comfort or style.

The Runner-up Mizzles not only bring the brand's wool upper to a high top form factor (finally), but the "Mizzle" designation, a portmanteau of "misty drizzle", refers to the brand's new Puddle Guard, which repels water outside without impeding the wool's ability to moisture wick.

The Runner-ups (Men/Women) are still the perfect travel shoe, made even better with a more formidable and durable sole, and for the office, they'll look much better under your pant legs because of their height.

Top image courtesy of Allbirds.

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