Single-use plastic bags are terrible for the environment, but you can replace them today with Stasher's silicone alternatives for some of the best prices ever.

Unlike other silicone bags, Stasher bags don't require you to slide a plastic closure over the top; they have their own pinch-lock seal just like regular ziplock bags. They're microwave safe so you can heat up your lunch right inside, and once you're done using them, you can toss them straight into the dishwasher.

They're also great accessories for sous vide cooking, which our friends at Trivia Genius explained if you aren't familiar.

Every size is on sale today in Amazon's Gold Box, from the $7 snack bag to the $15 stand-up bag, with a few options in between.

Stasher Silicone Reusable Bags | $7-$15 | Normally $10-$20