Update: The Black Friday deals below are still available, but now you can also save $50 on the ubiquitous Sonos One and the microphone-free Sonos One SL, or $100 on the room-filling Sonos Play:5 as well.

Incredible home audio sound quality? Sonos.

Easy multi-room listening? Sonos.

Seamless integration with all of your favorite music streaming services? Sonos.

Sonos gear might not be cheap, but if you take your audio quality seriously, and don't want to deal with running miles of speaker wire or fine tuning settings on amplifiers, it can't be beat.

Anyone who collects Sonos speakers knows that they don't go on sale very often, but several of their best offerings are 20% off right now for Black Friday at Sonos.com (or in some cases even cheaper on Amazon), which is about as good a discount as you're ever likely to see them.

The star of the show is the Sonos Beam sound bar for $299 (down from $399), which can connect to your TV for incredible home theater audio, but will also work like a standard Sonos speaker for music streaming when the TV is off. If you're using it with a TV, you can even pair a couple of Sonos Ones in the back of the room, and turn it into a truly wireless surround sound system.

If you want some extra oomph behind that sound bar, you can pair it with a Sonos Sub subwoofer for $559, down from $699. It's not a speaker in its own right, but it'll work with every other Sonos speaker you have to deliver a ton of extra bass. Maybe skip this one though if you live in an apartment building.

But say you already have speakers you really like. Maybe you've invested a lot in bookshelf speakers over the years. Or maybe they're even built into your ceiling or walls. With the Sonos Amp ($479 down from $599), you can power them and add them to your existing Sonos setup. Turn them into wireless TV speakers! Add them as a room in your Sonos app! They'll sound  like they do now...just a lot smarter.

For the rest of Sonos's Black Friday deals, head over to Sonos.com.

Sonos Black Friday Deals | 20% Off Select Products

Sonos One | $149 | Normally $199

Sonos One SL | $129 | Normally $179

Sonos Play:5 | $399 | Normally $499

Sonos Beam | $299 | Normally $399

Sonos Sub | $559 | Normally $699

Sonos Amp | $479 | Normally $599

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