The charger that came with your Apple Watch isn't really great for travel. First off, you probably only have one of them, so you have to remember to pack it in the morning every time you take a trip. Second, its top-heavy design doesn't really work well with most travel cord management solutions.

And so, it behooves all Apple Watch owners to buy a second charger to keep in their travel bag, and Satechi's new option might just be the best tool for the job. The charging puck doesn't have a cord attached at all, meaning it won't get tangled up in your bag. It just plugs directly into any USB-C port, like the one on your laptop, or your iPad Pro, or any USB-C wall charger.

For a limited time, promo code SAVESATECHI will bring it down to $34, the first discount we've seen from the original $40.

Satechi USB-C Apple Watch Charger | $34 | Normally $40 | Promo code SAVESATECHI