In the hierarchy of smart home gadgetry, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors get short shrift. They might not be as sexy as smart lights or automated window blinds, but wouldn't you really want to get a notification on your phone if there was a fire or gas leak at your house while you were away?

That's the promise of the Nest Protect, by far the most popular smart smoke alarm on the market. And in addition to its internet connected features, it'll also gently warn you with a human's voice if you have, say, just a little bit of smoke in your kitchen, rather than defaulting straight to an eardrum-shattering alarm every time you sear a piece of chicken. I have this thing set up in my own kitchen, and that feature alone is worth the price tag.

Oh, it's also a motion-detecting night light, because why not?

For a limited time, both the wired and battery-powered versions are marked down to $99, from the usual $119. That's not a huge discount, but this thing never goes on sale. I can probably count on one hand the number of sales I've seen on it over the last couple of years.

Nest Protect (Battery-Powered) Smart Smoke and CO Alarm | $99 | Normally $119 | Wired version also on sale for the same price.

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