Preorder and Save on the Shower Head of the Future

Preorder and Save on the Shower Head of the Future

BY Shep McAllister ON
Nebia by Moen

Water usage is usually proportional to shower quality: all other things being equal, most of us prefer the feeling of a high-flow shower head to that of a low-flow shower head. Nebia by Moen might just change that.

Nebia isn't a new brand; it launched its original shower head back in 2017 to much acclaim, and an eye-popping $650 price tag. Two models, one Moen partnership, and an investment from Apple's Tim Cook later though, and the brand is back on Kickstarter with a new shower head that you can preorder for just $160 (down from the expected MSRP of $199).

gif via Nebia

While various features have been refined from Nebia's previous shower systems, the idea is the same. Rather than pushing out individual streams of water, Nebia's nozzles atomize your water into a fine mist (much like Delta's cult-favorite H2O Kinetic, but even finer), allowing it to achieve full-body water coverage while using only about 1.4 gallons of water per minute, or 45% less water than a typical shower head. That's great for the planet, and great for your water bill too.

I've used an older model myself, and it's a different experience than any other shower I've ever trie. It doesn't really feel like water is hitting you at all, and yet it gets you completely soaked faster than any normal shower head ever could. It's like stepping inside a warm rain cloud...or at least how I imagine that would feel.

In addition to the new lower price, Nebia by Moen is available for preorder in three different colors (including Moen's trademark Spot Resistant Nickel), can install easily in almost any bathroom, and can be purchased with an optional atomizing shower wand ($199 as a bundle) that docks to your wall magnetically, and can be used to create a full body spray.

gif via Nebia

The campaign is already fully funded, with deliveries expected in May. With Moen's backing and Nebia's years of experience in the field, we wouldn't expect any significant delays, but with Kickstarter projects, it's always a possibility.

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