Have you ever noticed that most of the luggage going around a baggage claim looks really similar? Most suitcases are big, black and blocky with the same paper luggage tag on them. This can lead to someone taking your bag by accident, meaning your vacation will now be spent tracking down your belongings. Here are five clever tips to make your luggage stand out at baggage claim.

Invest in Brightly Colored Luggage

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Not many people have brightly colored luggage, so it's a lot easier to pick it out when it came down the baggage chute. Maybe people think it's too attention-grabbing to have a loud suitcase, but that's a small price to pay for easily spotting your luggage. There are a wide variety of colors to choose from at places like Amazon, and Away almost always has limited edition colors available that'll be sure to stand out.

Paint Your Name on It

TripAdvisor user "malvlover" suggests painting your name on the outer shell of your suitcase just like she did. Write your name big and bold so that you can't miss it, or paint a colorful scene that is unique to you and your own creative genius. Then there will be no doubt who that bag belongs to. Our advice? Use a paint pen.

Use a Fun Luggage Tag

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As you might have picked up from the last list item, luggage tags help a little when it comes to making your luggage stand out, but they can only do so much. Everyone has this same idea, so every black suitcase has a luggage tag on it, which isn't really helpful in the end. What is helpful, though, is if you pick out a luggage tag that is truly unique, such as one shaped like Bigfoot. The key here is to think way outside the box. The weirder the shape of your tag, the better, and Amazon is positively littered with out-of-the-box ideas.

Embrace the Strange

Spend time digging for unique luggage and you'll come across bags so unique that we'd be shocked if you ever saw a twin. There are suitcases shaped like sandwiches and like letters. There are old steamer trunks and new bags with funky wheels. A little research will open up a whole new world of luggage shapes.

Use a Luggage Belt

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The intended purpose of a luggage belt is to keep things tight and in place, but they can also be used as a way to accent your suitcase and make it stand out. There are hundreds of different colors and styles of luggage belts available in stores and online, so pick up one (or more than one) to add a pop of color to your luggage.

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