You probably use your phone in the car as both your GPS and your stereo, and so you need a place to mount it that's easy to see, safe to reach for, and that won't fall off and land under your brake pedal and kill you.

We've tried a bunch of phone mounts over the years, but we keep coming back to iOttie's, and you can get the popular One Touch 4 for an all-time low $16 on Amazon today.

The One Touch 4 is infinitely adjustable, and has a reliably strong suction cup, but the primary reason we love it is its phone gripping mechanism. Just set your phone in the cradle, push it into a button on the back of the mount, and the jaws will snap shut. It takes half a second, and works reliably every time.

iOttie One Touch 4 Dashboard Phone Mount | $16 | Normally $25

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