Peak Design has been making the undisputed best camera bags, straps, and accessories for years, and today presents a rare opportunity to save some money on them. I never go anywhere with my Sony A7 without bringing their essential Wrist Cuff, and their pushes into the luggage space, like their Travel Duffel, have become instant favorites among photog travellers. Their smaller items will make for perfect stocking stuffers for your photography-inclined friends, while their bags are amazing gifts for anyone you really, really like.

Peak Design Travel Duffelpack 45-65L, $198 | Normally $220

Peak Design Travel Duffel 35L, $117 | Normally $130

Peak Design Black Slide Camera Strap, $55 | Normally $65

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3 Solo, $42 | Normally $50

Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap, $42 | Normally $50

Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap, $25 | Normally $30

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