Upgrade Any TV With This $8 Bias Light

Upgrade Any TV With This $8 Bias Light

BY Shep McAllister ON

TV bias lights, in my humble opinion, offer the highest coolness-per-dollar quotient of just about anything you can buy this holiday season. This set is only $8 with promo code JA5JEK4H, and can cast a white or colored light onto the wall behind your TV.

Does that look really cool? Absolutely. Will it make your friends go "oooh?" Of course. But more importantly, it actually makes the content on your TV screen look better by boosting the contrast ratio that your eyes perceive. When there's light at the periphery of the screen the blacks on your picture will seem blacker. It's like getting a nicer TV, but it's your TV, and you only spent eight dollars to upgrade it.

Personally, I change the color on my bias light to my favorite team's colors whenever I'm watching a game, and you can do the same here with a free smartphone app. Or you can even put the strip into music mode, and a built-in microphone will let the lights pulse along with whatever audio is coming out of your TV.

Govee Smartphone Controlled TV Bias Light | $8 | Normally $17 | Promo code JA5JEK4H

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