It's time to look forward to one of the best times of the year — fall. According to Skyscanner, September is one of the cheapest months to fly. This is the month airlines roll out special promotions to encourage more flight bookings prior to the holiday season. If you're looking for an inexpensive getaway this fall, you may want to consider flying to one of these cities. Be sure to read our tips for prepping for a long flight if you're planning an international vacation.

Paris, France

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If you've ever wanted to visit Paris, September is the best month to book a trip to this beautiful city. According to, flights to Paris will be the cheapest out of all the European destinations, especially if you fly out of Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. From Newark, flights to Paris will average just $405.

Visiting Paris in the fall is a treat in itself. The air will be crisp and the leaves will be changing colors. Additionally, major tourist attractions will be infinitely less crowded than in the summer. Fashionistas will also be able to find amazing fall and winter clothing selections at famous boutique stores.

New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.

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Fall is the perfect time to visit New Orleans. The kids are back in school, and many tourists have gone home. That said, hurricane season is another reason New Orleans is less crowded in the fall.

The good news for you is that you can get cheap flights to New Orleans in the fall. According to Thrillist, airfare prices decreased in 10 major American cities within the last year. Flights to New Orleans, in general, are down about 10%, with fares averaging $283. So, you'll enjoy a sizable discount on your airfare if you plan a trip to this bustling city in the fall.

Sure, you'll need to stay updated about storm or hurricane conditions, but if you've always wanted to see the French Quarter on a budget, fall's your best chance to do so. Also, if you're willing to settle for last-minute flight bookings, you may be able to plan better and avoid an oncoming storm altogether.

Denver, Colorado, U.S.

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Flights to Denver are less expensive in September from several airports across the country, according to The reasons for this are pretty straightforward. Many vacationers go to Denver for skiing or snowboarding activities. This makes the city an extremely popular destination in the winter. Some of these vacationers may remain in Denver well into the spring.

Meanwhile, people who prefer warmer weather activities like rafting and hiking tend to visit Denver in the summer.

Fall is a different story altogether. It's a beautiful season but poses two problems for winter and summer vacationers. First, it isn't quite cold enough for snow-bound activities nor is it warm enough to indulge in water sports. Finally, parents aren't likely to take their kids out of school for a trip, especially with at the beginning of a new school year.

This is where you come in. Fall is the perfect time of year for hiking and visiting some of the best breweries in Denver. If you're getting married, fall is the perfect time to plan a bachelor or bachelorette party in Denver and also your best bet for finding cheap flights to the city.

Orlando, Florida, U.S.

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Everyone knows that Disneyland is a magical place. However, if you've ever visited during the height of summer, you're also familiar with the specter of long lines, cranky toddlers, and heavy traffic. All of these challenges can quickly turn your Orlando vacation into a nightmare.

If you can manage it and don't mind planning an off-season vacation, you'll save money on airfare to Orlando in the fall. Plus, you'll deal with significantly fewer crowds. Vacationers tend to visit during summer, at Christmastime, and during spring break.

Winter is also a rather popular time to visit Orlando, as travelers from the northern United States descend on the city to seek refuge from the bitter cold. We definitely recommend booking your flight in September. Note, however, that temperatures don't cool until at least October, so be sure to pack sunscreen and plenty of water.

Reykjavík, Iceland

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Prices for flights to Iceland have been steadily decreasing over the last year or so. This is in part due to the airline Icelandair, which has made flights significantly more affordable. To find the best rate, you'll want to fly out of a major city like Chicago or New York.

That said, even if you choose to fly out from a smaller city, you may still be able to find relatively cheap flights to Iceland in the fall. According to, the cheapest flights to Iceland will be from one of three airports: Orlando International Airport ($416), Cleveland Hopkins International Airport ($490) and Pittsburgh International Airport ($493).

Be sure to read up on everything you need to know about visiting Reykjavik before you go. Visiting Iceland in the fall may be a chilly experience, but you'll potentially be rewarded with gorgeous views of the northern lights. This is because nighttime actually occurs in the fall in Iceland, unlike summer, when the sun remains for much of the 24-hour day.

As a plus, the frigid temperatures of winter will still be ahead of you, so you don't have to bundle up or stay indoors for much of the time. Fall may just be the perfect time to experience the best Iceland has to offer.

Madrid, Spain

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Fall is the perfect time to visit Spain. It will be warm enough to enjoy the beaches but not so warm that you find yourself ducking into department stores to cool off. Like many of the cities on our list, Madrid tends to have fewer tourists in the fall than summer. Many European vacationers take a month-long holiday in August, so by September, it's business as usual. This means you won't have to navigate crowded tourist spots during your Spanish vacation.

Madrid is generally the least expensive city to fly into when you're visiting Spain, so it's a good place to start if you're planning a fall vacation.