Whether you own a DSLR, shoot with a GoPro, or just snap vacation photos on your phone, today's Amazon Gold Box deal on flash storage has something to help you take (and store) more pictures.

The deals start with a 128GB high speed SD card for your camera for just $16. For GoPros, Nintendo Switches, and certain phones and tablets, you can also get a microSD card for the same price, or a 256GB version for $33.

But the coolest deals are the mobile-ready flash drives. There's one that will plug into your iPhone's Lightning port ($35 for 128GB), and another that'll work with the USB-C port on your Android device, iPad Pro, or laptop ($40 for 256GB). Both can sync and store thousands of photos and easily move them between devices, so you can clear up space on your phone in no time without sacrificing any cherished photos.

Just remember that like all Gold Box deals, these prices are only available today (1/14), or until sold out.

Flash Storage Gold Box | Amazon