Free Bacon For Life With New Subscription | Butcher Box

Free bacon. For the rest of your life (which admittedly might be cut slightly short by said bacon). Do I have your attention?

Butcher Box's most popular offer ever is back for Cyber Monday. If you sign up for a new subscription to the meat delivery service, they'll throw in a pack of uncured, nitrate-free bacon for free in every box for the life of your membership, in addition to whatever else the box would normally include.

Sign up for a new account here, pick your desired assortment of proteins, and they'll throw in the bacon automatically. It's the perfect pick-me-up now that your Thanksgiving leftover stash has been exhausted, and like all of ButcherBox's offerings, the pigs that your bacon came from were humanely raised, and never given antibiotics or added hormones, so you can feel good while you indulge yourself.

Free Bacon For Life With New Subscription | Butcher Box

Photo: Donald Giannatti (Unsplash)

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