After scrimping and saving, you’ve finally booked your first cruise. Soon you’ll be a passenger on a luxury ship, visiting exotic ports of call and soaking up the sun. That’s great! But before the vacation begins, you need to pack those bags. Since it’s your first cruise, you’re probably wondering which items you should take with you on that dream trip. Read on to find out.

Medicine to Prevent Motion Sickness

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If you’re a landlubber and have never set foot on a cruise ship, you may suffer motion sickness if you don’t pack medication to prevent it. It’s hard to enjoy a cruise if you spend most of it in the bathroom leaning over the toilet. If you prefer not to take medicine, try bracelets and patches designed to ward off seasickness.  

First Aid Kit

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Motion sickness isn’t the only ailment that can put a damper on your vacation. Common illnesses can also ruin the festivities. So come prepared by packing a first aid kit. Essential first aid kit items include medication for pain, allergies, upset stomach and diarrhea. Add bandages and antibiotic cream just to be safe. Of course, cruises offer shops that sell these essential items, but they’re often expensive. Save some money and bring your own first aid items.

Clothing That Can Be Layered

When you go on a cruise, the temperature may vary according to each location the ship docks. It may be sunny in one port of call but rainy and cool at the next. Pack clothing that can be layered. That way you’ll save space in your suitcase and can leave enough room for the importance stuff like souvenirs.

Coffee Thermos

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If you just have to have your morning coffee before you face the world, rest assured that cruise ships offer all the coffee you can swallow. Instead of using a regular cup and risk spilling it on your way back to your cabin or burning yourself, make sure you pack a traveling coffee mug. That way you can safely sip your coffee as you watch the morning sunrise or hide in your cabin until you feel like taking on the day.

Refrigerator Magnets

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Those cutesy little magnets that adorn your refrigerator are the perfect items to pack for your first cruise. Since the ship’s made of metal, your cabin walls are made of metal too. Use those magnets to keep papers like cruise activity schedules in one place on the wall. Pack magnetic hooks to hang up wet swimsuits and organize your cabin to reduce clutter.

Formal Clothing

Many cruises have a formal attire night so don’t forget to pack something suitable to wear. Women can pack an elegant dress while men should wear a button-up shirt with a tie, dress pants and dress shoes. Of course, not all cruises have a formal night, so check with your cruise before packing these items.

Carry-On Bag

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Keep a carry-on bag stocked with your swimsuit, sunscreen and a good book. Sling it across your shoulder as you board the ship. It will take awhile for your luggage to be carried to your room and you want your vacation fun to begin right away. While other passengers are hanging around waiting for their suitcases to arrive, you can be lounging by the pool sipping a fruity drink graced with a tiny umbrella.