The concierge at a hotel can do far more than point you in the right direction when looking for a place to eat. While they may not actually be magicians, we're sure they wouldn’t mind the nickname. These individuals tend to be your best resource and, if you let them, they can lend their know-how to make your trip extra special.

Summon an Impossible Ride

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Did the weather take a turn for the worse, or did you simply not realize when rush hour would hit in this city and now can’t find a taxi or get a rideshare to accept your request? Ask your hotel concierge to help out, and they may just be able to get you a ride with nothing more than a phone call. Remember that, while a concierge is a helpful resource, they’re not your personal assistant for when you’re feeling too lazy to open Uber on your own. Their connections can definitely help in a pinch, but you owe it to them to try everything you can before asking for assistance. And if they do help, be sure to leave a nice tip and treat your driver with respect.

Organize Your Itinerary

Do you have a huge list of things that you want to do in a city, but no idea how to efficiently get to them all? Hotel concierges are well-versed in the various attractions and activities of their cities, as well as the locations and traffic patterns. They will be your best guide for how to fit all of your desired activities into the length of your stay, and if you bring them your list then they can help turn it into an organized, achievable itinerary. Many hotels have discounts or tourism packages (ever noticed that giant rack of brochures near the front desk?) and the concierge will be sure to know if any of your listed activities fit into one of those. So not only can they get your schedule in order, they might even be able to save you money, too.

Procure 'Sold out' Tickets or Reservations

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While the phrase “sold out” usually does mean exactly that, and no concierge will ever advertise their ability to get tickets that in reality may truly be impossible to obtain, it’s always worth asking — there’s a chance that they either have a connection who may know of a few unused seats or have tickets themselves. Some concierges even buy tickets to events they know will be popular and then resell them to guests.

They can sometimes do the same thing with restaurant reservations. It’s no secret that the restaurant business and the hotel business thrive off of their symbiotic relationship, and even crowded restaurants may be able to find tables for clients of their preferred concierge contacts. Of course, as with sold out tickets, sometimes the restaurant really doesn’t have any open seats. A call from the concierge can still help to get you on the top of the waiting list, though.

Purchase Forgotten Necessities

Did you forget to pack that pair of shoes you need, or accidentally spill coffee all over your only slacks? A lot of people don’t realize that a concierge can actually help remedy that situation. If you tell them your sizing measurements, preferred brands or stores, and other specifics, they can occasionally go get a replacement and deliver it right to your room. You’ll have to pay for the purchase, of course, as well as any courier fees and a nice tip for their service. This can also be extended past necessities, as you can ask the concierge to pick up a bottle of wine or even some souvenirs that you forgot to get. Remember to tip them for their help!

Locate Old Friends

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While this service combines a helpful concierge with more than a little bit of luck, there are stories of people who have had their hotel help them locate a long-lost contact, friend or relative who lives in the area. In one charming story from the Waldorf Hilton in London, a young American woman traveling with her grandmother asked the concierge to help locate someone who was friends with her grandmother years ago. With no more information than her occupation and last known area of residence, the concierge was able to eventually track down the woman and help facilitate a heartwarming reunion.