A ticketing strategy that savvy fliers cleverly take advantage of, open-jaw flights allow travelers the flexibility to fly into one airport and out from another, making their own way between these airports by road tripping, embarking on scenic train journeys or relaxing cruises. Booked under the multi city function on any airline’s website or flight search engine, an open-jaw ticket might be a smart move for your next adventure. Here's why.

Cover More Ground

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Flying into a destination but leaving from another allows you to cover more ground without the added cost of another flight, or a hefty penalty for changing your original flight ticket. The advantage of an open-jaw ticket is that it’s up to you how you make your way to your next departure city — by overnight train rides from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, car journeys on long winding passageways through the deep canyons and thick forests of America, or by trekking the unspoiled countryside from Georgia to Armenia via its Transcaucasian Trail.

Though many travelers believe the open-jaw flight is most rewarding and cost effective for exploring a number of international destinations in different countries on a single trip, this ticketing strategy is also applicable to domestic travel. Those short on time may opt to catch a budget flight between destinations, but traveling overland allows for those on a longer vacation to spend time and experience the local culture in a handful of cities and villages between their original destination and new departure city.

Journey to Vietnam on an open-jaw ticket by flying into Hanoi, motorbiking along its rugged coast and stopping in Hue to soak in the history of emperors past, Hoi An to wander the narrow lanes of its historic old town, and Nha Trang to sunbathe on its golden sands before flying home from Ho Chi Minh City.

Maximize Time

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Open-jaw tickets are designed so you don’t have to backtrack to your original destination for your flight home. This is most beneficial for travelers in Europe where train or bus connections between cities is affordable and relatively short in duration.

Embark on a scenic rail journey from Barcelona to Nice along the sun-kissed Mediterranean coast, maximizing your vacation time by flying directly into Barcelona and home from Nice. With an open-jaw ticket, take in as many sights as possible without having to dip into a travel day to double back to Barcelona in order to meet your flight home.

Save Money

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For travelers who put real value into saving money on their trips, booking open-jaw tickets and flying into and out of a destination’s nearby airports can save big bucks. While an international flight between Vancouver and New Orleans can cost up to $550 in the high season, the same flight from Seattle to New Orleans and returning to Vancouver can cost $400, with enough savings from this origin open-jaw ticket to cover the cost of a three hour bus or train ride to Seattle upon arriving in Vancouver.

The most commonly seen type of open-jaw ticket is the destination open jaw, when travelers return to their city of origin from a different destination. Because open-jaw tickets are priced in a similar fashion as return fares, it’s far more economical to purchase from a single airline an open-jaw flight from New York City to Berlin, and returning to New York City from Vienna rather than two separate one way tickets.