If you’re a film buff who wants to see a movie in a location every bit as lovely to look at as what’s happening on the screen, you’ll want to see some of the following movie theaters, which are among the most beautiful the world has to offer. Just make sure to at least try and occasionally look at the screen.

Pathé Tuschinski

Credit: Ivo Antonie de Rooij/Shutterstock.com

Located in Amsterdam, the Pathé Tuschinski — originally known as the Theater Tuschinski — is the result of a dizzying combination of styles. The exterior and interior combine Art Deco with Asian influences, resulting in a look that is as exciting as it is classic.

The 740-seat theater serves as both movie theater and live performance space and has done so since it opened its doors in 1921. In late 1990s and early 2000s, it was renovated to restore its original style, so you can gawk at that today. If you’re looking for a theater that serves equally as a step into history and a step into a waking dream, this is it.

Raj Mandir Cinema

Credit: Inspired By Maps/Shutterstock.com

If you’re looking for something a little more modern that retains a vintage touch, the Raj Mandir Cinema in Jaipur, India, could be just what you’re looking for. The theater opened in 1976, showing the Hindi action thriller Charas, and has seen the premier of many Hindi films since, and it's one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jaipur.

Walking into the main lobby, you’ll find it illuminated in brilliant white, with high ceilings accented with chandeliers. If you happen to walk out into the lobby after the film has started, however, you’ll find the lights have changed to an otherworldly blue.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Credit: Radomir Rezney/Shutterstock.com

Looking for a bit of fresh air while you take in a movie? The Red Rocks Amphitheatre outside of Morrison, Colorado, may be more your speed. Yes, this space is probably best known for some of the legendary concerts that have taken place there, but it also hosts all manner of events from movie screenings to group yoga sessions.

This isn’t the best place to see a movie if you’re looking to pay close attention to the film. Not only does the venue seat 60,000 people, but you also might find the sheer beauty of the titular rocks surrounding the amphitheater a little distracting.

Urania National Film Theater

Credit: Andocs/Shutterstock.com

Built in the 1890s, the Urania National Film Theatre in Budapest, Hungary, looks more like an opera house than somewhere you would go to watch a film. The lobby, on the other hand, looks like a classic movie theater, only a touch more on the expensive side.

One of the top tourist attractions in Hungary, the Urania National Film Theatre is the site of many film festivals and international film events. It’s also got quite a history, as not only has it served as a movie theater, but as home of the Urania Scientific Society as well.

The Elgin and Winter Garden Theater

Credit: Kiev.Victor/Shutterstock.com

You may be wondering why the final entry on the list consists of not one but two theaters, and there’s a good reason: they’re literally stacked on top of each other. One of the few stacked theaters in the world, the Elgin and Winter Garden Theaters in Toronto are a sight to behold.

Originally built in 1913, the Elgin Theater (then known as the Yonge Street Theater) was the first of the two to open, with the rooftop Winter Garden Theater opening a year later. Though these theaters were built in the vaudeville era, they are now the site of the Toronto Film Festival. The theaters themselves are so beautiful that in addition to showing movies, the Ontario Heritage Trusts gives tours of them, letting spectators focus purely on the architecture.