Grab your suitcase, passport and sunscreen and get ready for that summer getaway you’ve been dreaming of all year long. We’ve put together a list of top travel tips that will have you adventuring like a pro in no time. Cruise through airports, pack with ease and get ready to start making summer travel memories.

Top Destinations

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The summer months are prime travel time as kids are out of school, work schedules have lightened up and the warm weather is upon us — but which location to choose? Some prime summer travel destinations in the U.S. we recommend highly are Bar Harbor, Maine, Alaska and Lake George, New York.

If Europe tops your bucket list, summer is not only the best time to book a Baltic Sea cruise but the only time this cruise is available. Europe’s Mediterranean cities are prime travel destinations in the summer for those who can withstand the heat. Wherever you decide, travel pros know to include some non-touristy spots to their travel itinerary to truly experience the local culture. Though English is widely spoken in the major European cities, learning a few words in another language is much appreciated by natives.

Packing Tips

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While nothing makes unpacking and doing heaps of laundry after a trip any easier, there are ways to make the packing part a bit more efficient. With today’s carry-on regulations, gathering your toiletries can take twice as long as packing your suitcase. Ease the process by keeping a packed toiletry bag ready to go with all your travel size products. Save room by leaving shampoo, conditioner and anything else typically provided by the hotel at home.

Traveling abroad? Invest in a universal travel adapter so whatever country you are heading to you’ll be ready to charge your devices. Be sure to pack a portable charger so you’re not caught with a dead smartphone in the middle of an unfamiliar city.

Don’t let the first time you check your passport expiration date be at the airport. Check your travel documents in plenty of time to renew if needed. Passports can take some time, so best check ASAP.

While filling your wallet with foreign currency before heading to the airport may seem organized, it’s not the most economical way to exchange money. Making a withdrawal at an ATM once arriving at your destination typically proves the best exchange rate.

Get the Cheapest Flights

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Most travelers want to spend their money on seeing attractions and picking up souvenirs, not on getting to the destination. Be savvy on finding the best travel deals by scouring the internet and using travel search engines that compare the best airfares. Plus, you can always keep tabs on Seeqr to find the perfect deal for you. Don’t neglect the airline website as they sometimes offer discounts not posted elsewhere. If possible, try to travel mid-week.

Take the Hassle out of Flying

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It's worth it to splurge on a few luxuries to cruise through airports with ease. TSA Pre-Check is a fee-based amenity that allows travelers access to short security lines. Travelers will need to apply in advance and allow time to receive their TSA Pre-Check number. A quick search will let you know where to apply in your area. You’ll soon be enjoying short security lines and the ability to keep your shoes and coat on.

Applying for CLEAR is another way to bypass the airport crowds. For a fee, travelers can quickly apply for CLEAR at any participating airport and use it on the day of travel. CLEAR uses biometrics (eyes and fingerprints) to confirm your identity.

Buy Travel Insurance

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While no one wants to think about landing in the hospital while on holiday or having an emergency back home, the reality is that it happens. Protect your travel investment by purchasing travel insurance. Travel Insurance is intended to cover the traveler should they incur unforeseen medical expenses, trip cancelation, lost luggage and other types of loss depending on the coverage. Make sure to read through the plan carefully, but it's worth considering as a safeguard.