Spring is probably the best time of the year to travel. Temperatures are warm but not unbearable, and there are usually fewer tourists at the important sites. In Asia, spring is particularly beautiful, with the cherry blossoms welcoming a new season. This massive continent has some incredible cities that you’d be wise to visit during spring. You’ll get the feeling of being in a continent that is growing really fast, while still preserving its natural elements.

Hakodate, Japan

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This port city is colorful and boasts great seafood. Take a walk through the Goryōkaku, an old fortress converted into a park where the pale pink almond trees mix with the building architecture. Also make sure to visit Hachiman-zaka Slope, a hilly road where you can take some great pictures. Cherry blossom trees will be everywhere too.

It’s no wonder that Vincent Van Gogh was a fan of spring in Japan. A lot of his work is influenced by the floral decorations throughout the various cities. Sadly, he never got to visit this mesmerizing country.

Kathmandu, Nepal

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The Holi festival takes place during spring, and this Asian city is a wonderful place to experience the flying powders and joyful atmosphere. Be prepared for bright colors everywhere.

In 2019, Holi takes place March 20 and 21, as a way to welcome spring. In Nepal, the women dress in beautiful saris and the men wear the traditional headdress, enchanting all visitors. Kathmandu is the ideal place for those who want to experience the craziness of Holi and, at the same time, get in touch with an open and accessible culture.

Takayama, Japan

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This traditional city has barely changed in the last three centuries. Takayama still represents the old Japan and its way of life. Here visitors can find temple disciples (deshi) sweeping and raking the gravel and opening the doors to let the sun into their house of worship. Also, there are several ancient bridges that cross over the serene river in the midst of the city.

Takayama is particularly special in spring because of the Matsuri festival, which is one of the largest ones of the season. It also keeps a traditional Japanese atmosphere with red and golden paper lanterns decorating the river.

Amritsar, India

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While most people think of the Taj Mahal when they picture India’s important monuments, there’s a temple that is just as impressive in the northern city of Amritsar.

This Sikh Golden Temple dates back to 1577 and is impressive from whichever angle you view it. It’s enclosed by water and shines during night and day.

Those who follow Sikhism throughout the world make a pilgrimage to the Golden Temple, even if it’s once in their lives. There, they pray inside and then bathe in the sacred waters of the pond of Amrit Sarovar.

Regardless of the religion you practice, and even if aren’t a believer, this temple moves everyone who visits it.

Spring is the best time to visit this gem because of the extreme temperatures in Amritsar, and the rest of northern India, during the remaining seasons.

Singapore, Republic of Singapore

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While Singapore may scream modernity, the reason it’s best to visit this city-state during the spring has to do with nature. Among the many places to visit are the Gardens of the Bay, the Botanical Garden of Singapore and the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. During the spring, each will show-off their most beautiful flower selections. Plus, the playful colored lights which reflect in the bay water at night are completely stunning.

If you want to check out a different vibe than the natural sites and the cosmopolitan shopping roads, be sure to check out the Little India neighborhood for some great food.