Pressure washing dirty surfaces in a deeply satisfying process, and I highly recommend it to anyone that gets a rush from seeing a spotless kitchen, or purging all of your doubts and negative thoughts.

This electric pressure washer from Roav maxes out at 2100 PSI, which is enough to blast years' worth of grime off your patio. I've literally used this model to draw pictures on the stone pavers outside my parents' house. And if you attach one of the other included nozzles, it can also be suitable for washing a car, your windows, the side of the house, sports equipment, or anything else that's been collecting dirt for years.

Just clip the $25 coupon to blast a good chunk off of the price, and don't forget to grab an extension cord if you need one.

Roav Pressure Washer | $125 | Normally $150 | Clip the $25 coupon