5 Best Travel Apps to Download Now

5 Best Travel Apps to Download Now

BY Fiona Mokry ON

The right travel app can make your vacations and getaways run so much smoother. Whether you need a good place to stay or a deal on a flight, there's an app to help you.

Check out the five best travel apps to download now.

Foursquare City Guide

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Finding a tasty restaurant or a cozy bar can feel like participating in a blind scavenger hunt when you don’t know the lay of the land. Foursquare’s got you covered thanks to the global community of travelers rating food and drink venues around the world. Just let the app search what’s closest to you or browse by rating or price. Read reviews from fellow peers, scroll through pictures, get price information and follow the map to the location — all from the same page.

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Spend enough time in airports and those posh lounges start to look pretty good — regardless of their pricey membership fees. Some lounges only accept their loyalty members while others have agreements with financial institutions and allow entrance based on things like the credit cards in your wallet. But who wants to spend the majority of their layover going from lounge to lounge to find out whether or not you’ll be permitted access?

That’s where LoungeBuddy comes in. You can filter lounges by amenities, price, access requirements, location, hours and more. Once you find the lounge that’s right for you, purchasing a pass through the app takes only a few seconds.

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A 19th-century apartment in Old Tbilisi? Check. An oceanfront flat with wild deer roaming the garden in the Florida Keys? Check. A modern studio in the heart of Miami? Check. These are examples of just a few of my favorite accommodations booked through Airbnb — and ones that were definitely not available on any other platform. Hotels just can’t compare.

While it isn’t new on the scene, it does remain as one of the most popular travel apps out there because of what it delivers. No matter where you’re going, there’s probably an Airbnb waiting for you at a fraction of what a hotel with all the same amenities would cost. From crashing on a couch to renting a room to locking down an entire villa, Airbnb is at the top of the accommodation game.

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The benefits of traveling solo are immense, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get lonely from time to time. Sometimes the best part of traveling is the people you meet along the way. Sometimes it’s more fun to have a group adventure than a solo one. Sometimes it’s just nice to be around like-minded people.

That’s where Meetup comes in. This app is all about connecting people to communities, activities and potential new friends that share the same hobbies, views and idea of fun. With roughly 35 million users in 180 countries participating in over 200,000 groups, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll find a niche. Whether you’re into hiking, running marathons, fitness, photography or books — there’s a group for you.

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If you’ve got a specific destination in mind, Skyscanner scours over a dozen airlines to bring you the best price.

One of my favorite features of this app is the calendar view which allows you to see the whole month as it displays the cheapest days to fly. If you’re on the prowl for a spontaneous flight, Skyscanner has pre-programmed deals from your starting point to the cheapest destinations for this weekend, next week and next month.

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