Happy Friday, Seeqr readers! Today, we've spotted deals on a great backyard game, a safer bike helmet, refurbished Sonos speakers, and a whole lot more.

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Bottle Bash

Bottle Bash | $30 | Normally $40
Bottle Bash | $30 | Normally $40

It's not as well-known as Cornhole, but Bottle Bash is one of the most fun lawn games I've ever played. Teams of two throw a frisbee at the opposing team's stake in the ground, on top of which rests a plastic bottle. If the frisbee hits the pole and jostles the bottle loose, the other team must work together to catch both the frisbee and the bottle before they hit the ground, or else the other team scores.

This set has everything you need to play except for a yard or stretch of beach, and it's on sale today for an all-time low $30, down from the usual $40.

Bottle Bash | $30 | Normally $40

Bontrager Bike Helmet

Bontrager Circuit MIPS Bike Helmet | $110 | Normally $150
Bontrager Circuit MIPS Bike Helmet | $110 | Normally $150

Bontrager's MIPS bike helmets don't come cheap, but you shouldn't be nickel and diming the safety of your noggin.

MIPS helmets incorporate two layers of protection which can move independently of each other, allowing your head to move inside the helmet to an extent upon impact, which is proven to reduce dangerous pressures on your neck and minimize the impact on your brain.

Beyond MIPS protection though, the Bontrager Circuit also includes a mount for an action cam or light, a single-handed twist mechanism to adjust your fit with ease, and Bontrager's Crash Replacement Guarantee, which provides a free helmet replacement if you're involved in a crash within the first year of ownership. Normally $150, it's on sale for $110 today at REI.

Bontrager Circuit MIPS Bike Helmet | $110 | Normally $150

Sonos Refurbs

Sonos Refurb Sale | Photo by Rumman Amin

Sonos doesn't always offer refurbished speaker deals, but when they do, it's a great time to add more of the best-in-class smart speakers to your collection.

Right now, you can get the old (but still excellent) Play:1 for just $99, or add voice assistant and AirPlay 2 support with a Sonos One (which will sound essentially identical to the Play:1) for $159. I'd probably skip the home theater gear and the Play:5 in the sale, as they were all recently upgraded, but the smaller speakers (particularly the Play:1) are great deals.

Sonos Refurb Sale

Cordless Power Tools

Bosch Two-Tool Combo Kit + Filler Item | $81 | Normally $99-$130 | Discount shown at checkout

If you have any home improvement projects on the horizon, Bosch's cordless power tools offer plenty of power for most uses, but without the bulky battery packs endemic to most drills. The slimline batteries slide completely inside the tools' handles for greater maneuverability, and after making the switch myself last year, I don't know how I could ever go back to another brand.

Right now on Amazon, you can get a combo kit with a drill/driver and an impact driver (plus two batteries!) for just $81. The trick is, you'll have to add a $2 filler item like this one (or this one or this one) to your cart as well to get the $20 discount at checkout.

Bosch Two-Tool Combo Kit | $84 | Normally $99-$130 | Discount shown at checkout

Logitech Webcam

Logitech 500 Webcam | $47 | Normally $50 | Promo code EXTRAFIVE
Logitech 500 Webcam | $47 | Normally $50 | Promo code EXTRAFIVE

Webcams have been hard to come by since everyone started working from home, but Lenovo has this 1080p Logitech webcam in stock right now, and you can even save a couple bucks at checkout with promo code EXTRAFIVE. Unfortunately, shipping will take a few weeks, but that gives you more time to build up your library of virtual Zoom backgrounds.

Logitech 500 Webcam | $47 | Normally $50 | Promo code EXTRAFIVE

Moment Slings

Moment Camera Sling Preorders | $90-$130 | Normally $100-$150

Moment makes some of our favorite mobile photography accessories, most notably best-in-class lenses that transform your smartphone into a "real" camera.

But now, the brand is expanding into more traditional photography gear with a new line of rugged camera slings, now $10-$20 off when you preorder. The 6L version can hold a mirrorless camera, a couple of extra lenses, and tons of accessories, tablets, and other gear that you need day-to-day. If you shoot on a larger DSLR, opt for the more spacious 10L version instead.

Both slings are made from a waterproof material and are secured with waterproof YKK zippers, so you won't have anything to fear from sudden storms. Both sizes also feature a dual zipper main flap for easy access no matter which side of your body the sling is hugging, as well as modular dividers, padded interior pockets, and even a dedicated slot for your tablet.

Moment Camera Sling Preorders | $90-$130 | Normally $100-$150

Flexible, Refundable Getaways

Travelzoo Refundable Getaways | Photo by Subtle Cinematics

If you're ready to start making tentative travel plans again, Travelzoo is making it easy with a collection of 70 deeply discounted hotel getaways all around the country, as well as a few overseas.

The deals are available in the form of travel vouchers good for months at a time, many of which include bonuses like free meals, spa credits, and wine bottles at checkin. Most importantly, if your plans change and you decide not to travel after all, Travelzoo will fully refund you, no questions asked.

The variety of options available means that there's likely a hotel included within driving distance if you aren't comfortable flying, and many of the vouchers are valid through 2021. It's still an uncertain time for travel, but this is an opportunity to get a great deal with no risk.

Travelzoo Refundable Getaways

Ice Cream Spade

Zeroll Ice Cream Spade | $17 | Normally $21
Zeroll Ice Cream Spade | $17 | Normally $21

Zeroll makes the only ice cream scoops worth buying, thanks to the heat-conductive liquid in the handle that uses the warmth from your hand to cut through hard packed ice cream with ease. Today, you can save on the brand's ice cream spade, which is great for flattening out homemade ice cream in a tub, or mixing in toppings.

Today's $17 deal isn't an all-time low, but it is $4 less than usual, and the purchase will hopefully inspire you to make plenty of homemade ice cream this summer.

Zeroll Ice Cream Spade | $17 | Normally $21

First Aid Kit

Zpress First Aid Kit | $11 | Normally $13
Xpress First Aid Kit | $11 | Normally $13

Every car and medicine cabinet should have a first aid kit, and this one packs in 125 pieces of gear into a convenient zipper pouch for $11, down from the usual $13. That includes gauze, bandages, ointments, antiseptic wipes, and even an instant cold pack to help deal with a variety of bumps and bruises.

Xpress First Aid Kit | $11 | Normally $13

10 Quart Stockpot

Le Crueset 10 Quart Stockpot | $88 | Normally $110
Le Crueset 10 Quart Stockpot | $88 | Normally $110

Le Crueset's gorgeous 10 quart stockpot is made from even-heating carbon steel and covered in nonstick and stain-resistant porcelain enamel, and you can get it in the color of your choice for an all-time low $88 today. That's down from the usual $110, so we recommend spending the $22 you saved on crawfish, crabs, shrimp, or whatever else you need to break in the pot with a summer seafood boil.

Le Crueset 10 Quart Stockpot | $88 | Normally $110

Winc Wine Delivery

Winc 12-Bottle Delivery | $94 | Normally $155
Winc 12-Bottle Delivery | $94 | Normally $155

Getting wine delivered isn't just a great way to avoid an extra trip to the grocery store right now; it's also a way to experience other parts of the world without actually leaving home. Right now, StackSocial is offering two separate promotions that will bring international wines right to your front door for less than you'd pay at the store.

First, this $26 promotion is effectively a 50% discount on your first month at Winc. Just prepay StackSocial to receive a promo code, create a new Winc account, and you'll get $52 off your first delivery. That'll fully cover four $13 bottles of wine, but you an upgrade any or all of them, and only pay the difference in price. If you stick with the basics though, you'll have ultimately paid less than $7 per bottle.

Want more bottles? StackSocial also just added a 12-bottle Winc package for $94. That still works out to less than $8 per bottle, and is more than $50 less than you'd normally pay on Winc. It works the same way as the 4-bottle promotion, and is only available for new Winc members.  

Winc starts you off with a brief quiz asking questions like how you take your coffee, or how much you like berries, and then recommends bottles to suit your taste, though you can always swap them out before completing your order. But since Winc is a monthly membership, you'll need to either cancel (via live chat or a phone call, annoyingly) or remember to click the "Skip a Month" button in your account settings to avoid being charged for future credits.

Note: Winc can't currently ship to Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island, South Dakota, or Utah.

Winc 4-Bottle Delivery | $26 | Normally $52

Winc 12-Bottle Delivery | $94 | Normally $155

Forsake Shoes

Forsake's sneakerboots combine the comfort and looks of sneakers with the durability, support, and grip of a good pair of hiking boots. This "peak to pavement" approach making them perfect for adventurous travelers who want to save room in their suitcase, or day hikers who want to go straight from the trail to the bar.

We've covered why we love them over on The Discoverer, and here's what our Jersey Griggs had to say:

As a combo boot and sneaker, Forsake shoes are comfortable for walking, they have good ankle support, and they’re extremely waterproof. In the winter, the leather uppers keep my toes warm, while the sturdy outsole prevents slippage on the ice. During spring, aka mud season in Maine, they keep my feet dry on my favorite walking trails. And when I wear my Patch boots out and about around town, I get complimented on them all the time.

If you want to try on a pair yourself, now through 5/31, you can get any style you want for 25% off.

25% Off Sitewide | Forsake Shoes

Smart Thermostat

Honeywell Smart Thermostat + Free Echo Dot | $69 | Normally $125
Honeywell Smart Thermostat + Free Echo Dot | $69 | Normally $125

This Honeywell thermostat won't turn any heads, but it actually has built-in Wi-Fi, smartphone compatibility, and even Alexa compatibility, just like the Nests and Ecobees of the world. The difference? It's on sale for $69 today, and even comes bundled with a free Echo Dot smart speaker, which normally costs $25-$50 on its own.

As a relatively new smart thermostat owner myself, I have to say it's worth the cost and the (usually very easy) installation just to be able to turn up the air conditioning at night when I feel too hot without having to get out of bed.

Honeywell Smart Thermostat + Free Echo Dot | $69 | Normally $125

Speks Desk Toys

Buy 2 Sets, Get 1 Free | Speks | Promo code randompromocode

Your home office isn't truly finished until you buy some fidget-friendly desk toys, and I have to say, I've yet to find one that's more fun to play with than Speks neodymium magnetic balls. The tiny balls stick together with impressive force, and you can smoosh them between your fingers while you take a call, or build them up into elaborate shapes when you need to get your mind off of work.

Speks are available in a variety of colors and finishes, and if you pick any three sets, you'll get one of them for free at checkout with promo code randompromocode (yes, that's really the promo code).

Buy 2 Sets, Get 1 Free | Speks | Promo code randompromocode


TCL 55R615 55" 4K TV | $430 | Normally $480-$530

TCL consistently turns out the most feature-packed affordable TVs on the market, and this 55" set is an incredible value at just $430. That gets you 96 local dimming zones for improved contrast and black levels during dark scenes, Dolby Vision HDR support (that's the "good" HDR standard, for the record), and built-in Roku software for easy access to all of your favorite streaming services.

Honestly, it's a great value at its usual $480-$530, so if you're in the market for a new TV to help you through this time of social distancing, you could do a lot worse.

TCL 55R615 55" 4K TV | $430 | Normally $480-$530

Anker Sale

Anker Sale
Anker Sale

Anker has long been a pioneer in heat-efficient gallium nitride (GaN) charging tech, which lets you power your essential gadgets faster, but with smaller, more travel friendly chargers. Right now, several of the brand's fastest chargers (and cables to match) are on sale for some of the best prices we've seen.

There are too many deals to list here, but we've rounded up all of the best gear (including one of the most powerful USB charging hubs money can buy, pictured above) in this post.  

Anker Sale

Rosetta Stone

The Social Distancing Software Bundle | $199 | Extra 10% off with code SEEQ10
The Social Distancing Software Bundle | $199 | Extra 10% off with code SEEQ10

Update: This deal ends on 5/31. Use code SEEQ10 to save an extra 10% at checkout.

Our current period of home isolation is a great time to learn new skills, and the Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle from StackSocial is chock full of learning opportunities.

$199 (plus an extra 10% off with promo code SEEQ10) gets you lifetime access to all 24 Rosetta Stone language courses, which by itself is a $100 discount from Rosetta Stone's MSRP. You'll have lifetime access to all of Rosetta Stone's online software from your computer, your tablet, or your phone, and once you master a language, you can just move on to another one without paying any extra.

But that's not all the bundle includes. You'll also get lifetime access to 12min, which synthesizes and condenses popular business and self-help books into 12 minute summaries, which you can either read or listen to in podcast form. 12min releases 30 new book summaries every month, and you'll have access to all new and previously released content forever. 12min plans normally cost $69 per year, but with this deal, you're effectively getting lifetime access for free.

And finally, the bundle also features lifetime access to KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, which can disguise your internet traffic when you're on a public hotspot, or potentially let you, say, view Netflix content intended for another country, just by connecting to a VPN server in that country.

For a limited time, subscribers to Seeqr can get the entire bundle for an additional 10% off by using promo code SEEQ10 at checkout.

The Social Distancing Software Bundle | $199 | Extra 10% off with code SEEQ10

Fire TV Recast

Amazon Fire TV Recast | $150 | Normally $230

If you're ready to cut the cord on cable, but still want to be able to DVR your favorite shows from over-the-air broadcast networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, Amazon's Fire TV Recast is a clever solution with no monthly fees.

Rather than plugging into your TV, the Recast sits anywhere in your house (ideally on the top floor or in an attic), and attaches to any HDTV antenna (sold separately, from around $20). The Recast then acts as a kind of network-connected DVR, and streams your live and recorded over-the-air content to any phone, tablet, or Fire TV streaming device.

If you've tried using an antenna, but your TV isn't ideally located for good reception, or if you'd rather just hide the antenna somewhere out of sight, this is an awesome way to enjoy your local channels anywhere, and record your favorite shows to watch later.

The device costs $150 today, which isn't exactly cheap, but that's the best price we've seen outside of the holiday season, and unlike most DVRs, it doesn't have any monthly fees.

Amazon Fire TV Recast | $150 | Normally $230

Google Nest WiFi

Google Nest WiFi Router 2-Pack | $239 | Normally $299

If one Wi-Fi router leaves your home with dead spots and an inconsistent connection, a mesh system could be the answer. Mesh Wi-Fi systems let you place multiple routers around your home (only one of which needs to be plugged into your modem), all of which can work together to blanket every corner of your house in speedy, reliable internet.

Google's Nest WiFi system is one of the best options out there, and you can get a single router (which claims to cover about 2,200 square feet, though it'll vary based on the layout and materials used in your home's construction) for $149 right now, or two of them for $239.

Google Nest WiFi Router | $149 | Normally $169

Google Nest WiFi Router 2-Pack | $239 | Normally $299

Ticket To Ride Japan and Italy

Ticket To Ride Japan and Italy Expansion | $34 | Normally $40

Ticket To Ride isn't just a really fun board game; it's a great way to improve your geography knowledge. The Japan and Italy expansion pack requires you to own the original game, but gives you two new maps, new rules for each country, and even new pieces to represent Japan's famous Shinkansen bullet trains.

The set usually sells for about $40, but it's currently on sale for under $34.

Ticket To Ride Japan and Italy Expansion | $34 | Normally $40

Weighted Blankets

30% Off Buzio Weighted Blankets | Clip the coupon

Unless you've been hibernating for the last few years, you've probably heard something about weighted blankets. They don't just keep you warm, but they simulate the feeling of a big bear hug, which can cause your brain to release seratonin and melatonin to make you feel content, relaxed, and sleepy after a stressful day. I can't speak for everyone, but the sensation absolutely works on me: it's an essential part of my evening wind-down.

So whether you're buying one to smooth over your own anxiety, or giving one as a gift (it's quite literally the gift of contented happiness, albeit indirectly!), Amazon's taking 30% off the size and weight of your choice from Buzio when you clip the coupon on the page. As of now, every size and weight combination seems to have the coupon, but the best deal of the bunch is probably the 60" x 80" 20 pounder for just $48.

30% Off Buzio Weighted Blankets | Clip the coupon

RTIC Coolers

RTIC Soft Pack 30 | $100 | Normally $115
RTIC Soft Pack 30 | $100 | Normally $115

RTIC's soft pack coolers keep ice frozen for days at a fraction of the cost of YETI's equivalents, and their soft shoulder straps make them easy to haul across a beach or deep into a park for a picnic.

Just in time for Memorial Day, you can get the 20-can cooler for $80 today (down from $90), or the 30-can version for $100 (down from $115).

RTIC Soft Pack 20 | $80 | Normally $90

RTIC Soft Pack 30 | $100 | Normally $115

Burrow Memorial Day Sale

Burrow Memorial Day Sale | Promo code MDW
Burrow Memorial Day Sale | Promo code MDW

Burrow brought direct-to-consumer ease to the living room, and now you can save on the brand's customizable couches, chairs, shelves, rugs, and more. Use promo code MDW to save 10% on orders up to $1,500, $200 on orders of $1,500+, $250 on orders of $1,850+, $300 on orders of $2,200+, $400 on orders of $2,600+, and $500 on orders of $3,000+.

When you buy a piece of Burrow furniture, you get to customize the fabric, the arm style, the leg finish, and the design of the cushions. You can even add on chaises, matching ottomans, and Burrow's sleep kit with a single click. Best of all, everything ships for free.

Burrow Memorial Day Sale | Promo code MDW

All-Clad Memorial Day Sale

All-Clad Factory Seconds Memorial Day Sale

Either you cook with All-Clad cookware, or you want to cook with All-Clad cookware. For over 50 years, the Pennsylvania company has pioneered the use of bonded (or "clad") metal pans that combine the advantages of multiple different metals. For example, skillets that offer the durability and heat retention of stainless steel, but with the fast and even heating properties of an aluminum core.

They're so popular, in fact, that if you were to peek into the kitchen of your favorite restaurants, you'd be likely to see plenty of All-Clad gear in use.

Unfortunately, All-Clad pans aren't exactly cheap, and the best time to stock up is during the brand's periodic Factory Seconds sales. Right now for Memorial Day, you can grab stock pots, skillets, roasting pans, flatware, and more at significant discounts, if you don't mind getting gear with minor scratches or dents.

All sales are final, but All-Clad promises that none of the imperfections will affect performance.

All-Clad Factory Seconds Memorial Day Sale

Keyport Pivot

Keyport Pivot Minimalist Bundle | $25 | Normally $34

The Keyport Pivot turns your keychain into a Swiss Army Knife of keys and more, and you can get the brand's minimalist bundle for $25 today from StackSocial, compared to $34 when buying from Keyport directly.

In addition to the Keyport itself, which can organize anywhere from 2-9 keys, you'll also get a Keyport multitool and a free two year subscription to KeyportID, which is essentially an online lost and found service that can help you find your keys if you ever misplace them.

From there, you could add additional accessories like USB flash drives, ballpoint pens, and more. But even if you don't, it could be worth the money just to stop your keys from jangling in your pocket.

Keyport Pivot Minimalist Bundle | $25 | Normally $34

SoundCore Liberty Neo Headphones

Anker Liberty Neo True Wireless Headphones | $33 | Normally $40

If you like the idea of AirPods--truly wireless headphones that pair instantly and charge inside their own carrying case--but don't feel like spending over $150, then this deal's for you.

Anker's surprisingly great Liberty Neo true wireless headphones are one of the best values in the space at their usual $40, but you can get them for just $33 today on Amazon. The earbuds feature the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for reliable pairing to your phone, they run for five hours on a charge (plus 15 more if you count the battery case), and are even IPX7 waterproof, so you can wear them while you sweat, or out in the rain.

Anker Liberty Neo True Wireless Headphones | $33 | Normally $40

Free Amazon Music

Three Months Free Amazon Music Unlimited | New subscribers

If you've never been a subscriber to Amazon Music Unlimited, you can get your first three months absolutely free right now, which should help you stay entertained and hosting family dance parties while we're all cooped up at home. The service is essentially the Amazon equivalent of Apple Music or Spotify, but if you're a Prime member, it's actually a bit less expensive (after your three month trial) at $8 per month.  

Three Months Free Amazon Music Unlimited | New subscribers only

Cole Haan Clearance

Cole Haan Clearance

Cole Haan makes our favorite everyday travel shoe, and while the All-Day Trainer seems to be in limited supply at the moment (especially men's styles), the brand's huge clearance sale has a ton of worthwhile deals.

For men, the sale is full of sandals for the summer starting at just $30, slip-on Cloudfeel Weekend Loafers for $70, and even the iconic 2.ZERØGRAND Lined Laser Wingtip Oxford, which is one of the coolest looking shoes I've ever seen, for half its usual price. The men's sale includes over 450 products in total (as of the time of this writing), so there's a shoe in there for every occasion.

Women have even more discounted style to choose from, including the simple and versatile Grand Crosscourt Sneaker for $70 and the cushioned Hadlyn Leather Bootie for just $50. The best deal in the entire sale though might be the shearling-lined ZERØGRAND Explore Hiker Boot for $80, down from $280. You probably won't wear it until next winter, but that's an incredible value. You'll also find some of our The Discoverer-approved All-Day Trainers starting at just $40, but sizing is limited.

As with all clearance sales, expect the most common sizes to sell out first, so go fill up your cart before the best stuff gets picked clean.

Cole Haan Clearance Sale

Whiskey Peaks

2-Pack Whiskey Peaks Rocks Glases | $20-$24 | Normally $30

Whiskey Peaks rocks glasses put the world's most iconic mountains on the bottom of your drink, and several 2-packs are on sale right now at Huckberry for $20-$24, down from the usual $30. That includes the Mt. Everest, Denali, and Half Dome glasses, all of which make for great conversation starters.

2-Pack Whiskey Peaks Rocks Glases | $20-$24 | Normally $30

Our Favorite Pants

Everlane Performance Chino | $50 | Normally $72
Everlane Performance Chino | $50 | Normally $72

The fact that Everlane is running a Choose What You Pay sale (men | women) isn't, by itself, particularly noteworthy. But those sales almost never include the Everlane Performance Chino, our favorite pants for travelers.

The Performance Chino looks nice enough to wear to formal occasions, but its 4-way stretch, sweat-wicking, quick-drying fabric is incredibly comfortable, and can stand up to everything from sitting in an economy airplane seat for hours to walking or hiking for miles. Basically, it's a great pant for any occasion, and a great deal at its usual $72. Today though, you can get it for as low as $50 per pair, while supplies last. The deal is available in two colors, and two different fits, but not every size is available for every combination.

Everlane Performance Chino | $50 | Normally $72

Hydro Flask

25-50% Off Select Items | Hydro Flask | Photo by Shrey Gupta

Hydro Flask makes some of the best (and best-looking) vacuum insulated drinkware and soft coolers out there, and the brand just kicked off one of its most wide-ranging sales that we've ever seen.

Dozens of Hydro Flask tumblers, bottles, flasks, and caps are 25% off, and if you scroll further down the page, you can save a full 50% on a handful of soft coolers and slings. Just note that only certain colors for each item are included in the sale (they're clearly marked on each product page), and you won't see the discount until you get to your checkout screen. You can also use code RAPIDSHIP20 to get free shipping.

Notably, the sale includes a bunch of gear that would be great for a picnic while the weather's nice, including vacuum insulated wine bottles and wine glasses, metal koozies, and soft-sided coolers that would make great picnic baskets.

25-50% Off Select Items | Hydro Flask | Free shipping with code RAPIDSHIP20


1-Year 12min Subscription | $20 | Normally $69 | 2-year and lifetime membership deals also available

There are so many self-help and business books worth reading, but nobody could possibly read them all cover-to-cover. Luckily, 12min synthesizes and condenses the key passages and ideas from books worth reading into 12 minute summaries, which you can either read on your phone, or listen to in podcast form.

12min releases 30 new summaries of bestselling books every month, so you can digest the lessons from a new book every single day. And as soon as you sign up, you'll also have access to every previously released summary as well, so you can work through all of the books that have been on your reading list for too long. 12min plans normally cost $69 per year, but with this deal from StackSocial, you can get your first year for just $19, your first two years for $29, or a lifetime membership for $39.

1-Year 12min Subscription | $20 | Normally $69 | 2-year and lifetime membership deals also available

Solar Oven

 GoSun Portable Solar Camping Stove | $119 | Normally $139

The GoSun Portable Oven isn't like any camp stove you've ever seen, because it doesn't require any fuel at all. If you can see a defined shadow from the sun, you can cook a meal at temperatures of up to 550 degrees.

While its unique tube-shaped cooking tray will obviously limit the types of food you can cook, you simply can't beat the grill's portability; it weighs only two pounds, and folds up to attach to your hiking pack.

Normally priced at $139, you can grab it from StackSocial right now for $119.

GoSun Portable Solar Camping Stove | $119 | Normally $139

Free Kindle Unlimited

Amazon Kindle Unlimited | Free For Two Months | Photo: Locro

Kindle Unlimited is like Netflix for ebooks, and gives you unlimited access to over a million titles. Normally pried at $10 per month, you can get your first two months absolutely free right now to help pass the time while you're stuck at home. Just note that you'll auto-renew at the end of the two month period if you don't cancel.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited | Free For Two Months

Even More Savings

Credit Card Corner

Chase Sapphire Preferred

Even if you aren't traveling right now, it's never a bad time to maximize your everyday spending to earn points towards future vacations. Rather than investing in a single airline or hotel program, the Chase Sapphire Preferred lets you transfer your points to more than a dozen travel partners, or even book almost any flight or hotel with your points directly. You can check out our review of the card to learn how it might fit into your future travel plans.

Great Deals You Might Have Missed

  • Discount Tire Direct just kicked off another flash sale, with $50, $80, or $100 off select sets of tires. If you aren't sure if you need new tires, go try the quarter trick.
  • Pass the time at home with a six month subscription to GQ for just $5. You can even choose digital or print for the same price.
  • Sony's WH-1000XM3s are widely considered some of the best noise canceling headphones you can buy, and while they normally cost $300-$350, you can get a refurbished pair for $200 today, complete with a 12 month warranty.
  • This silicone mold lets you make scrambled egg bites in your Instant Pot.$8 is $1 less than usual, but compared to buying those sous-vide egg bites at Starbucks, it'll pay for itself after just a couple of breakfasts.
  • Parasite was the first foreign language film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture, and you can get the Blu-ray today for an all-time low $13.
  • The Withings Steel HR looks like a regular watch, but it keeps track of all of your activity stats (including heart rate!), and even monitors your sleep quality. And unlike most fitness trackers, its battery can last for nearly a month on a charge. Get it for $140 right now, down from the usual $150-$200.
  • Nonda's USB-C to USB adapters are the smallest on the market, and a must-own for anyone that owns a USB-C-only computer. Add two to your collection for just $8 today.
  • This $16 marble mortar and pestle makes it easy to grind up spices, and will look great on your shelves the 99.9% of the time you aren't using it.
  • This low profile safe features built-in wheels to make it easy to roll under your bed, and $68 is the best price Amazon's listed in over six months.
  • Lululemon's kicked off one of its "We Made Too Much" sales, with over 300 active and casualwear styles on sale for women, and over 100 for men.
  • Memorial Day is in the rearview mirror, which means sunglass season is officially here. Oakley's celebrating 20% off over 200 select styles.
  • It might not have USB-C or wireless charging, but $12 is still a great price for a 10,000mAh USB battery pack, which can recharge most phones at least twice. Just clip the $2 coupon to get the best price.
  • These handmade face masks from Charlotte's Masks aren't just in stock; they're actually 15% off.
  • Hand sanitizer is basically liquid gold right now, and Office Depot will let you preorder (preorder! Hand sanitizer!) a 32 oz. bottle for $9.
  • The Osprey Daylite is a perfect day pack for hiking, and has never been cheaper than today's $35 on Amazon.
  • Amazon's Fire TV Stick ($30) and Fire TV Stick 4K ($40) are both $10 off their usual prices, if you still own any TVs that aren't "smart."
  • Smart plugs are the atomic unit of the smart home, and you can get two of them from TP-Link for just $18.
  • DJI's 4K Osmo Pocket camera sits atop one of DJI's famous gimbals, meaning everything you capture will look buttery smooth. Normally $399, it's on sale right now for $299.
  • The Worx Hydroshot is a cordless pressure washer that makes it easy to make your patio, sidewalk, and siding look brand new. Just plug in the battery, and screw in your hose. Get it for $99 today, from the usual $119.
  • Why use a tape measure when you can measure distances with a laser? This 65' laser measure from Bosch is on sale for $27, within about $5 of an all-time low.
  • TriggerPoint's foam massage ball lets you work out knots with nothing but your body weight and a wall or the floor, and it's on sale for $11 from the usual $13.  
  • This big box of LEGOs isn't Harry Potter or Star Wars-licensed. It's just a big box of LEGOs. And it's on sale for $44 from the usual $60.
  • 512GB is as spacious as microSD cards get these days, and $80 is about as cheap as you'll see one. It's overkill for most people, but great for anyone that takes a lot of 4K action cam footage, or downloads a lot of Switch games.
  • Bissell's cordless Pet Stain Eraser is like a handheld upholstery cleaner that you can use to spot clean carpets, spruce up your furniture, and even freshen up your rarely cleaned car seats. It normally costs $85, but is currently on sale for $70, matching an all-time low.
  • The Twelve South Compass 2 is a portable tablet stand that folds down to slide into any bag, and the rose gold model is on sale for just $15.
  • This bulb from TP-Link combines the look of those old-style Edison bulbs with the smartphone-connected features of modern smart bulbs, and you can screw it in for $15, down from the usual $17.
  • If you've ever driven a rental car with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and wished you had it in your own vehicle, this smart head unit is on sale for just $300. You'll still need to pay for trim pieces and probably somebody to install it in your car, but that's one of the best deals we've seen on a CarPlay-compatible receiver.
  • this 4,000 watt generator could power one heck of a tailgate, and it's on sale for $279 at Walmart today.
  • Miracle-Gro's Plant Food Spikes are an easy way to keep your plants healthy, and you can get 48 of them for just $2, which is actually cheaper than the 24-pack.
  • Rather than replacing all of your light bulbs with smart bulbs, a smart light switch can add intelligent features to all of the lights connected to the switch in one fell swoop. This one from TP-Link originally sold for $40, and while it generally goes for less these days, $18 is still a new all-time low.
  • Get your lawn and garden ready for spring with this electric tiller from Ryobi, on sale for $99, from the usual $119.
  • Apparel designer Santuary's cloth face masks have been spotted on celebrities like Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, and if you buy a five-pack of assorted masks for $28 right now, they'll donate five more to people in need. It's similar to an offer we've highlighted from Buck Mason, but Sanctuary's masks are available in men's, women's, and children's styles.
  • Get ready for your next home movie night with this promotion from Amazon. Just buy any two snacks from this page, and Amazon will throw in a $4 Prime Video credit to rent the movie of your choice.
  • KIND's Healthy Grains dark chocolate bars are a great way to start your day, and you can stock your pantry with a box of 30 for just $12.
  • CleanKey from KeySmart (which makes other keychain tools that we love), is designed to push buttons on elevators, control touchscreens, and open door handles without the use of your fingers. It's made of 62% copper, which is naturally and perpetually antimicrobial, as detailed in this Vice article that I've been thinking about more or less nonstop since I read it a few weeks ago. That means that most bacteria, germs, and yes, viruses that end up on CleanKey's surface will die within a few minutes, no sanitizing required. Normally $25 for one, StackSocial will sell you a CleanKey for $20, a 2-pack for $38, or a 3-pack for $50 right now.
  • Need a new way to motivate yourself to exercise now that gyms are closed? The Fitbit Charge 3 can track your steps, your heart rate, your calorie burn, and a ton of other vital activity stats, and it's on sale today for $100, a match for an all-time low.
  • For a limited time, StackSocial has packaged 10 different coding courses into a single bundle, and you can get lifetime access to all of them for just $40. That includes 120 total hours of instruction across multiple in-demand disciplines, including web development, javascript, and Python.
  • Buck Mason usually makes menswear staples, but has now turned its attention to face masks. If you order a pack of five anti-microbial cloth masks right now for $20 (a great deal, for what it's worth), they'll also donate a pack of five to frontline workers in California and throughout the country.
  • Proficiency in Google Analytics is an extremely valuable (not to mention marketable) skill for a huge variety of jobs, and this certification course will get you up to speed with the ubiquitous software for $14.
  • This is a great time to learn some new skills, and mastering Adobe's Creative Suite can pay off in spades in terms of professional opportunities. Right now, $34 gets you unlimited access to eight different courses (with a total of over 500 individual lessons) to teach you Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, After Effects, and more.