This Travel Pillow Actually Supports Your Chin

This Travel Pillow Actually Supports Your Chin

BY Shep McAllister ON

If your head tends to fall forward when you're sleeping on a plane (or in a car seat, or just on the couch, whatever the case may be), the BCOZZY travel pillow is one of the most supportive I've personally tried. Basically, it's a regular travel pillow, but longer. That means it can wrap all the way around itself, and essentially become twice as supportive right under your chin.

Rarely discounted from $30, you can try one out for $20 right now (or $22, if you want it in blue). If Amazon sells out, you can also find it for the same price at eBay.

BCOZZY Chin Support Travel Pillow | $20 | Normally $30 | Available in blue for $22.  Also available from eBay

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