Away's Mini Suitcases Make For Delightful (And Functional) Stocking Stuffers

Away's Mini Suitcases Make For Delightful (And Functional) Stocking Stuffers

BY Shep McAllister ON

If you don't own one of Away's ubiquitous suitcases yourself, you probably at least know someone that does, and the brand's limited edition Minis ($45) are the perfect stocking stuffers to accompany them on their adventures.

Away has offered Minis around the holidays for a few years now, and they always tend to sell out quickly. Most are made from the same polycarbonate shell as Away's full-sized suitcases, but are perfectly sized to hold toiletries, first aid items, passports, local coins and currency, and other small travel essentials that you wouldn't want to toss loose into a full-sized suitcase. Just unzip the shell to reveal the same interior liner you'd get on a real Away suitcase, plus an elastic pouch and an elastic strap to organize your gear.

Also available this year are miniaturized versions of Away's shimmery holiday colors ($55 each), as well as a tiny aluminum suitcase ($65) that's a dead ringer for the Away Aluminum Edition suitcase, right down to the metal clasp in lieu of a zipper. The latter is also available as part of a $95 bundle that includes high-end extras like a Slip Sleep Mask, a Nuori Supreme Moisture Mask, and Tata Harper's Regenerating Cleanser that can make anyone feel refreshed after a long flight.

They're not the cheapest, or frankly even the most functional dopp kits you can buy, but they're fun, unexpected, and will absolutely delight anyone that owns and loves Away luggage.

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