Finally Get Yourself AirPods For $30 Off

Finally Get Yourself AirPods For $30 Off

BY Shep McAllister ON

In a very short amount of time, AirPods seem to have conquered the world, but if you still don't have a pair, you can fix that today for $129. That's the best deal we've seen on the latest model of the standard (non-Pro) AirPods, and $30 less than you'd have to spend at an Apple Store.

You've almost certainly heard this from your friends, but if you have an iPhone, these really are life changing. Just put them in your ears, and they'll be connected to your phone instantly. No sifting through Bluetooth settings or remembering complicated pairing procedures.

Walking the dog for three minutes? Pop them in and listen to a song. Tidying up around the house? They're the easiest way to listen to a podcast while you work. You can even use hands-free Siri to send text messages, set timers, or create reminders without having to pull your phone out of your pocket. So, yes, they're as great as everyone keeps telling you.

Apple AirPods | $129 | Normally $159

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