A Note To Our Readers

A Note To Our Readers

BY Shep McAllister ON

Hello, and thanks for visiting Seeqr, where we deliver the best deals on the web straight to your inbox.

We know your time is valuable. Our team has over 15 years of combined online deal curation experience, and we don’t want to flood your inbox with mediocre deals on products you don’t need. Instead, deals will be the lens through which we introduce you to great products that can actually improve your life, and that are actually significantly discounted. We pledge that the time you spend with us will be time well spent, and that any deal we recommend will be a deal that’s worth your money.

We’ll also be highlighting companies and brands that strive to make the world a better place through their products and their actions. It’s our belief that if you buy things for the right reasons, you’ll buy the right things.

Thanks, once again. We’re grateful for the opportunity to be your guide to the world of online shopping, and if you have any friends or family members that also like to save money, be sure to forward us along.

-Shep McAllister

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